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Midwest Adaptive Sports

Sports for all abilities!

Proud to partner with the communities we serve. We strive to encourage individuals with disabilities to be active, engaged, and included in adaptive sports.

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Midwest Adaptive Sports has given our son the opportunity to develop a safe community of support, to develop skiing skills, to remain physically active and fit during the winter months, to provide the safe individual support necessary to ski, to develop a skill in the out of doors. It would be impossible for him to participate in the winter sport of skiing/tubing in the great out of doors.
Staff is amazing. Our son has become comfortable around other people. He has learned to take instruction from others who were not familiar with him as he is nonverbal/intellectually challenged (learns by watching and doing exactly as shown)/autistic. He has much more eye contact with the support team than we ever dreamed possible. 

MAS has opened doors in every area - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally for our son. He is so thrilled with his progress and developed self-confidence. We thank you for making this possible and trust you find it a most valued program.

Ray and Janet Steffy
Joe Steffy

Our daughter has been skiing with Midwest Adaptive Sports since 2010. She has LOVED her time on the slopes. It has given her confidence in herself strengthened her muscles, and given her an awesome workout each week. In addition to all of this, she has a blast and has learned a new skill. There aren't any other organizations in our area that help individuals with disabilities learn to ski and we have been very thankful for MAS!

They worked with her each step of the way. I remember the first year. She had two people helping her (one on each side) because she was terrified of being on skis.  As she advanced the next year, she had one person helping her on one side. I think the next year she had a person standing behind her. They continued to assist her until she could finally ski down the hill without anyone holding onto her from the side or back. All of the individuals from MAS are very kind, helpful and encouraging to our daughter and to all of the skiers with disabilities.

Our daughter can walk and is not blind and they have helped her immensely. But, I have seen MAS working with individuals with both of these types of disabilities (blind and non-ambulatory) and it is nothing short of amazing.

Please continue is to support them, so this incredible organization can continue to help individuals!

Kris Plubell

Midwest Adaptive Sports
sports for all abilities!

Midwest Adaptive Sports (MAS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with professionally-trained instructors and volunteers that positively impact the lives of countless individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral challenges through adaptive recreational and competitive sports.

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Midwest Adaptive Sports
Midwest Adaptive Sports
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