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Wheelchair "Quad" Rugby is a full contact sport that is played by both men and women who suffer from a permanent disability affecting 3 or 4 extremities. Originating in Winnipeg, Canada, the sport was created by athletes that combines elements from rugby, basketball, and handball. Wheelchair rugby is now an established Paralympic sport, with 28 countries having competed in international competitions and listed on the world ranking list, while more than 10 others are developing national programs.

Wheelchair "Quad" Rugby is a simple game with complex strategies for playing both offense and defense. It is played with a volleyball on a basketball court with coal lines marked by cones and a lined off "key" area (see diagram)

The object of the game is to score a goal (1 point) by crossing the goal line with possession of the ball while the opposing team is defending that goal. Wheelchair "Quad" Rugby is a full contact sports, but no personal contact is allowed: Slapping, hitting, punching, gouging eyes, etc... Penalties are enforced, usually requiring time in the penalty box.

Founded in 2015, our very own KC Revolution are proud to be a Wheelchair Rugby Club affiliated with the USQRA (United States Quad Rugby Association).

Practice are every Monday, from September to March, starting at 7pm @ HyVee Arena.

If you are interested in joining as a new player or sponsor, contact us today or our primary representative Tony Durham.


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