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Wheelchair Football

Wheelchair Football is a full contact sport that is played by both men and women who suffer from a permanent disability affecting at least one extremity, predominantly on the lower body. Wheelchair Football is a sport that has been played for over 20 years across the US, with a recent inception of the newest organized form of the sport- the USA Wheelchair Football League (USAWFL).

Wheelchair Football is extremely similar to able-bodied football, with a few essential rule changes to protect player's safety. The playing field is 60 yards in length by 22 yards wide, with 8 yard end zones. 

The sport is played with a 7 on 7 personnel layout, with all offensive players being eligible receivers. Even though this sport is full contact, there are still restrictions on how both defensive and offensive players can utilize their bodies and chairs to influence their opponent.

The USAWFL was established in 2019 through a Salute to Service Grant from the NFL and the Bob Woodruff Foundation. We in Kansas City are honored to be a member of the new program and are excited to see where it leads us. 

For any additional information, please visit the league's information page at

If you are interested in joining as a new player or sponsor, contact us today or our primary representative Kolton Kincaid.

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