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Midwest Adaptive Sports Tennis

Wheelchair Tennis

Midwest Adaptive Sports (MAS) is now partnering with The Whole Person (TWP) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to offer Wheelchair Tennis. Wheelchair Tennis is a fast growing sport that is offered for both paraplegic and quadriplegic men and women. Both Midwest Adaptive Sports and The Whole Person will strive to adapt the sport of tennis to the individual with the disability, not their disability to tennis. Tennis, like all of our adaptive sports, benefits ones health, self-confidence, self-esteem, independence, and social skills. We invite YOU to participate in our newest program offered at Midwest Adaptive Sports!

Midwest Adaptive Sports
Midwest Adaptive Sports

There are two divisions in competitive wheelchair tennis (paraplegic/quadriplegic). To be eligible to play competitive tennis the individual must have a medically diagnosed disability of one or both lower extremities.

The paraplegic division is divided into four sub-divsions (C,B,A,U.S.Open) The "C" division is for beginners, "B" division is for the intermediate player, "A" division is for advanced players, and the "U.S. Open" division is for elite players.  

The quadaplegic division is divided into two sub-divisions (A,U.S.Open).

The "A" division is for both beginner/intermediate and the "U.S. Open" division is for the advanced/elite players.

Our Kansas City No Coast Wheelchair Tennis program currently has athletes in the paraplegic divisions C,B, and A who compete in tournaments though out the United States. We do not have any athletes in the quadriplegic division ,but we are always looking for more athletes to join our team. 

Wheelchair Tennis follows the same rules and regulations as abled bodied tennis, with one difference. In Wheelchair Tennis the player is allowed two bounces on their side of the court before the must hit the ball to the other player.

If you are interested in the wheelchair tennis program, contact Dr. Melissa Burns PsyD, at 816-627-2220, or


The Whole Person Adaptive Tennis Program

The Whole Person would like to invite you to attend our wheelchair tennis program; an adaptive tennis program for adults with physical disabilities, who play the game of adaptive tennis at an amateur or competitive level. Adaptive tennis skills range from the beginner to the advanced. Cost is $5.00 per practice with the first practice free! Practices are at the Northland Racquet Club, 306 Tennis Ct., North Kansas City, MO: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Thursdays.


If you are interested in the wheelchair tennis program, contact Dr. Melissa Burns PsyD, at 816-627-2220, or"

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